Bachelors Course

  • It is designed for those who are in their 3rd or 4th year of graduation. It equips the candidates with necessary cement and mortar to develop skills required to crack the exam with confidence.

    Duration: 1 Years
    It covers the areas like –
    1. Basics of preliminary exam syllabus: Current Affairs, History, Politics, economics, geography, environment and general science.
    2. General awareness on Indian society, world history, Indian culture etc.
    3. Basics of Mains exam syllabus including economic development, disaster management, security management, governance, social justice, international relations and ethics.
    4. Guidance for how to choose optional subject by introducing the candidate with the basics of all the optional subjects.
    5. Reading the magazines like Economic and Political Weekly.
    6. Creating a habit of reading the books like-A wonder that was India, Discovery of India, and My Experiments with Truth etc.
    7. Fundamentals of the personality test along with some mock interview sessions.

Student Zone